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Let Us Claim Public Adjusters Work for You.

Maximize Your Claim Recovery

Ramón Rodriguez

Let Us Claim Public Adjusters Work for You.

Maximize Your Claim Recovery

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What is a public adjuster?

A public claims adjuster is a professional, licensed by the state of Florida department of insurance in which he or she works, for the purpose of protecting the public by serving as an advocate for the policyholder against his/her own insurance company during the claims process. While your insurance company may have been friendly and easy to work with when you were selecting your coverage, they overnight become your adversary after you have filed a claim. As such the insurance company employs adjusters to ensure that their interests are protected. Isn’t it prudent that you do the same? Let Us Claim Consultants Insurance Inc. Has been advocating for its business and homeowner clients for over 12 years to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive a fair claim settlement.

Maximize Your Claim Settlement

Insurance companies may say there on your side when you purchase your insurance policy, but make no mistake, they immediately become your adversary once you file a property claim. Immediately following the reporting of your claim, the insurance will mobilize its team of professionals.
All for the singular purpose of paying you as little as legally possible from your policy. Understand further, your agent may have expiriance in selling polices, but he or she may not have been properly trained, is not expert in, and will not reasonably adjust your property insurance claim for you.



It’s very difficult for an insurance company to bully a public adjuster with terminology and red tape.

Maximize Your Claim Settlement

With all the facts to hand, we can cut through their objections quickly and easily. The next thing you know, you’ll receive a check and you can carry out the necessary repairs.



Making Your Claims Process
Simple & Easy

You know your business and residency better than anyone. Following a major loss is a critical time to focus that knowledge on maintaining your operations and making vital recovery decisions instead of learning the ins-and-outs of the insurance claims process. The recovery of your property rests on the success of your insurance claim.
Let Us Claim Consultants Insurance Inc allows you to focus completely on your business or home, while we focus on your insurance claim.

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October 10,2021


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