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Our Mission

Let Us Claim Consultants Insurance Inc. has been providing Home & Business Owners with a peace of mind for more than 14 years. Our mission is to advise and assist commercial and residential insurance policyholders through the overwhelming task of submitting an insurance claim to their insurance company. We specialize in exposing the damages that get overlooked by insurance companies while interpreting ambiguous insurance policies, helping you get the money you need to rebuild your home or business.

We put our 14 years of experience to work as we guide home and business owners through the claim process to get the results they deserve when it comes to dealing with their insurance company. There are a number of scenarios and reasons where a client is covered for property loss of numerous kinds, but in most cases doesn’t realize it. It’s our job to educate not only the client, but even the insurance company, when it comes to the “non-obvious” damage sustained in the home or business.

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Our vision

The best projects are born from a dream. We will work to be the strongest public appraiser company in Central Florida, then expand to the rest of Florida and be positioned in the top 5 public adjusters.

Our Story

In 2008 Let Us Claim Consultants Insurance Inc. was founded in Miami, FL by Mr. Ramon Rodriguez. As a victim of bullying by his insurance company at the time and working in the construction industry, he was faced with the reality of how stressful and misleading the insurance companies can be. Having enough, Mr. Rodriguez took matters into his own hands and decided to learn more about how insurance companies work and how to stand up for himself from his insurance company.

From that point on, Mr Rodriguez made a promise to himself: He would do all in his power to help others stand up for themselves from the constant bullying by all these insurance companies. In 2016, Mr Rodriguez decided to take a step further and take on the challenge and open another office in
Orlando, FL where he helps all central Floridians as well.

Let Us Claim Consultants Insurance inc. are experienced with the different types of natural disasters that strike, the many companies that insure against them, and how claims are handled. Our public adjusters have the resources and expertise to thoroughly investigate your loss, accurately prepare, document and submit your claim. To help you receive a full, fair and expedited settlement.

Our Values



is ultimately at the core of all that we do. From the trust we seek to earn from each of our clients to the trust we have earned in the claim industry, to the trust that each of our employees has in our company to always passionately represent our clients within the bounds of their policies and law.

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is also a vital part of what makes Let Us Claim Consultants Insurance Inc the industry leader it is today. Not only have our clients come to know and learn of our high integrity standards, but our reputation with the insurance industry as a whole is also one of integrity, which results in maximum credibility on our claims representation.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

is our primary concern in all losses. We always ask: “What is the client’s  settlement end result for this claim?” That helps guide our mutually agreed upon claim strategy.

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