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Let Us Claim Consultants Insurance Inc. has been providing peace of mind to homeowners and business owners for over 15 years. Our mission is to offer advice and assistance in the process of filing an insurance claim with your insurance company, for both commercial and residential policies.

We specialize in identifying damages that insurers may overlook when interpreting insurance policies ambiguously, thus helping you obtain the fair compensation needed to rebuild your property.

Our work involves educating both the property owner and the insurance company about non-evident damages that your property may have suffered.

With our extensive experience of over 15 years, we guide homeowners and business owners throughout the entire claims process, ensuring they achieve the results they deserve when dealing with their insurance company.


We believe that the best projects are born from a dream, and we are committed to making our vision a reality by providing exceptional service and establishing ourselves as an industry leader. 


At Let Us Claim Consultants Insurance Inc., we are passionate about assisting those who have been victims of the bullying and deceit of insurance companies. Our founder, Mr. Ramón Rodríguez, experienced firsthand the stress and frustration that comes with dealing with deceptive insurance companies as a worker in the construction industry.

Motivated by his own experience, Mr. Rodríguez was committed to making a difference and providing assistance to those facing the intimidating tactics of these companies. In 2008, he founded Let Us Claim Consultants Insurance Inc. in Miami, FL, with the goal of being the advocate for homeowners and business owners.

Mr. Rodríguez’s promise became even stronger in 2016 when he decided to expand the company and open a new office in Orlando, FL, to assist residents in Central Florida. This decision was driven by his desire to be there for people in times of need and ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.

Our public adjusters are trained and have extensive experience in thoroughly investigating losses, preparing and accurately documenting claims, and presenting them to insurance companies. We are committed to helping you receive full, fair compensation in the shortest possible time.




At Let Us Claim Consultants Insurance Inc., trust is the cornerstone of everything we do. We strive to earn the trust of each of our clients, as well as the trust we have built in the claims industry. Our employees trust our company to enthusiastically represent them, within the limits of their policies and the law.



Integrity is a core value at Let Us Claim Consultants Insurance Inc. Our clients know and attest to our high standards of integrity, and our reputation in the insurance industry reflects our absolute integrity. This gives us maximum credibility in representing claims.



Customer satisfaction is our main goal in every loss. We always ask ourselves, “What will be the final compensation outcome for our client in this claim?” This question guides us in our claim strategy, ensuring that we comply with mutually agreed upon agreements.






all property damage.



the value of your loss.



for the best compensation.



your business or home.