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One of people's biggest dreams is to have their own home or business.   We feel successful and proud that by our effort we achieve what we deserve.  Have a heritage to offer our family, or for those who live alone, get the feeling of comfort. Having the house or...

What To Do During A Hurricane: A Complete Guide

Do you live in a region of the United States that’s especially prone to hurricanes? If so, you know that knowledge is power. It’s important to know not only what to do during a hurricane, but also how to prepare beforehand and handle the aftermath once it’s over....

The Complete Florida Resident’s Guide To Hurricane Insurance

You’ve finally done it… you purchased your dream home on one of the most beautiful places on all of God’s creation: Florida. This state is home to pristine beaches, beautiful year-round weather, and eye-catching greenery everywhere you turn. It truly is one of a kind,...

The Scientific Scoop: How A Hurricane Forms

  Every year, parts of the Gulf Coast, Caribbean, and Atlantic Coast prepare for what they call “hurricane season.” A hurricane is a type of storm that is also known as a tropical cyclone. It’s a rotating low-pressure weather system that forms over warm tropical or...

The Universal Truth Behind Sinkholes In Florida

The state of Florida is well known for many things. Bright sunshine, devastating hurricanes, terrifying alligators and… sinkholes! Yes, Florida has had more sinkholes than any other state in the USA. For locals, the issue that the earth could, at any given moment,...

Recognizing The Warning Signs Of Sinkholes: A Complete Guide

A sinkhole is a common occurrence in the state of Florida, with warning signs of sinkholes being difficult to spot in many cases. Sometimes a sinkhole can take hours to cause problems, and sometimes it will be months or even years. It is estimated that between the...

What Florida Residents Need to Know about Sinkholes

As a responsible homeowner, it seems as though your to-do list is never-ending. There’s always another home repair or maintenance project for you to consider. Living in Florida, though, presents even more challenges. Not only do you have to deal with hurricane damage...



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