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Dealing With Water Damage To Your Florida Home?
Get The Most Out of Your Insurance Claim.

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Water Destruction Is Cause For Some Of The Worst Damages

On Insurance Loss Claims.

And, they are often the most complicated claims, too! Many policies have exclusions and exceptions which can confuse policyholders and lead to lower settlements than they’re entitled to.

At Let Us Claim, we believe in helping you get the most out of your claim. You deserve to live in a healthy, happy, water-free home and that’s why we walk you through every part of the claims process to get you the settlement you deserve.

Don’t Stress, Let Us Claim!

Water damage is caused by everything from burst pipes to leaks and floods. No matter what the cause of your troubles, Let Us Claim will take care of the issue so that you can relax. Our process is thorough and detailed so that we get you the compensation you deserve:

  • We’ll check your insurance contract and look for hidden exceptions and coverage
  • We’ll walk you through confusing policy language and break down your coverage in a way that makes sense
  • We’ll help you mitigate the damage without restoring the property so that you can begin to get your life back on track

We’re here to help you through every part of the process to make filing and settling your claim a seamless process. Don’t hesitate – reach out to Let Us Claim and get started handling your insurance claim now!


We know the Water Damage Insurance Coverages

Not everything you might imagine is covered by your insurance, which is why our public adjusters at Let Us Claim know what’s covered. Our goal is to help you get your claim taken care of and to know how to get the most from your policy.

Gradual Damage

Gradual damage is damage that starts out small and soon grows into a big problem over time. There’s a lot more that goes on behind the walls of your home than you might be aware of, and when not properly maintained, that can lead to major problems. You could experience damage from: 

  • Plumbing damage or leaks
  • Seepage through cracks in walls or flooring
  • Deterioration in the roof
  • Mold or rot
  • Broken or faulty electrical wiring
  • Disrepair on the home structure

Gradual damage has lasting results, and that’s why Let Us Claim is here to mitigate these issues and help you get your claim covered the way that it should be.


Resulting Damage

When water damage results from furnishings, appliances, or structural damages that are listed in the wording of your policy, you can be compensated for these damages. Why? Because these damages are resulting in water damage. In other words, even though the furnishing or structural damage won’t be covered itself, the water damage they caused will be. Let Us Claim scours your policy to ensure that you truly get the most out of your claim!

Our team of public adjusters Know all the ins and outs of water damage, and we can´t wait to help. We strive to make a difference to your home by helping you get the compensation you and your family truly deserve for the damages that
took place.

Are you ready to get started making your insurance policy work for you the way it should? Give us a call today, and Let Us Claim for you!