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Don’t Stress About Fire Damage to Your Florida Home

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When Your Home Suffers From Fire Damage, You’re Left With
Multiple Fires To Put Out.

You have to put out the real fire, and all the stress and hassle of the aftermath! Fires can happen from the smallest start and can lead to major damage on your house. And, it’s not just the fire itself that causes problems. Issues like soot, smoke, and ash can cause lasting damage that can seriously affect your health. The good news is that Let Us Claim is here to help! We’re here to maximize the claim you make for fire damage and to stand by your side throughout the whole process. No fire is too big for us to put out, so call us today to get started!

We Handle Any Type of
Fire Damage

Fire damage doesn’t just burn and destroy, it leaves behind lasting damage as well. You could be dealing with soot damage, smoke damage, or burns around your home for months to come. With Let Us Claim, we take care of every part of the process and every type of fire. Our expert team will help you navigate the ups and downs and everything in between of mitigating your fire damage and handling your claim. And, we take care of every location, both residential and commercial.


Residential Fires

Fires start in the homes due to kitchen fires, candles, and a whole host of seemingly harmless causes. Our team will make sure your home is back in good working order as soon as possible and handles your claim to get you the most compensation.

Commercial Fires

Your office is the hub of your business, and when a fire starts, it throws your whole team off. When Let Us Claim gets to work with you on insurance claims for your office space, we mean business. Our team will seamlessly mitigate your claims to ensure you get the compensation you deserve!


Soot, Flame and Smoke Damage

Did you know that fire insurance covers soot, flame, smoke, and ash damage as well? Smoke damage can affect every aspect of your home including furniture and accents in the home. It can permeate even materials that don’t seem to be damaged at first glance! Our team is here to guide you through the mitigation process to get the most money from your insurance team.

When you submit a claim to your insurance company and work directly with them instead of a private adjuster, your insurer will send  their own adjuster and you could end up receiving a much lower compensation than you deserve!

That’s where Let Us Claim comes in. Our public adjusters are here to prove justify the damages to your home and get your claim paid the way it should be.
We fight for the settlement you ought to get and make sure that you’re well taken care of. Are you ready to get started? Check out all of our adjustment services or call
us today to have a team that cares about you and your home or office!