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Water Sinkhole Damage

Published in 25 de May de 2022

Sinkhole damage is very common in your home, usually these failures are caused by depression of the soil in a circular shape, they are considered a very common phenomenon in homes.

They can be easy or difficult to detect, the signs of damage are mostly visible and can be mitigated in time so that there is no major breakdown.

In this article we will teach you how to recognize water sinkhole damage in a practical and simple way.

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Main signs of water sinkhole damage
How to recognize a sinkhole?
Soil depressions due to sinkhole damage
Why does this happen?
How do you detect sinkhole damage on the inside?

Main signs of water sinkhole damage

  • Cracks on the exterior or interior of the home’s walls: they can lead to the formation of a sinkhole if repairs are not made in time. Damage begins to be created because a water filter is created inside the structure and all of the wall material crumbles from the inside.
  • When sinkholes are out in the open, roads and highways can collapse and sink into the ground, this poses a great danger to drivers and the roadway.

How to recognize a sinkhole?

A sinkhole is defined as a kind of hole in the earth’s surface covered by water.  It is usually caused by erosion or dissolution of the limestone layer below the earth’s surface.

This damage can occur anywhere, but is most common in acidic soils.

Over time, these acids in the soil erode the limestone, causing it to sink and pull down the topsoil.

Sinkholes are generally difficult to reverse; the only way they can be minimized is if they are small and quickly detected.

Many insurance companies offer coverage for sinkhole damage, but mitigating the damage early reduces the risk of loss, so our public adjusters at Let Us Claim can help you with the claims process in the event of sinkhole damage to your home.

Soil depressions due to sinkhole damage

As mentioned above, sinkholes are one of the main signs of damage caused by water sinkholes.

When a sinkhole is created, the pools of water take the form of a circular pond that accumulates water, although as we know it is common to see “sinkholes” it is best to investigate thoroughly how it was created to find out a possible damage.

A characteristic of sinkholes is that when they have greater depth is that vegetation and plants begin to wither on the surface.

Why does this happen?

Because the same sinkhole damage pushes the moisture down that it created with the accumulation of water.

This is why there are deep wells that are considered sinkholes because of the amount of water they accumulate and erode inside the well.


How do you detect sinkhole damage on the inside?

  • In addition to cracks in the wall, you may encounter sloping floors.
  • Debris in the water you use for bathing or washing.
  • Typical depressions in your yard or nearby areas is a sign of sinkhole damage.
  • The interior of the home is also affected, in the case of closets they tend to disarticulate, it is advisable to perform a periodic review of these spaces in your home.
  • Excessive separation between ceilings and walls, as mentioned earlier in this article, is a sign of a water sinkhole caused by erosion between wall components mixed with water.
  • Ladder cracks are another red flag for you to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance company for sinkhole damage.
  • If you have dead vegetation in your yard, it may also be a sign that a sinkhole is present.
  • The importance of verifying all these signs is because you can avoid a sinkhole in the affected area, which in the future may be irreparable.

Our public adjusters will always be happy to perform a free inspection of your home and accompany you through every step of your claim process to make it a success.


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