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Published in 29 de October de 2021

One of people’s biggest dreams is to have their own home or business.  

We feel successful and proud that by our effort we achieve what we deserve. 

We have a heritage to offer our family; or for those who live alone: get the feeling of comfort.

Having the house or business we have worked so hard for; the most important decision is to find the best way to protect it and guarantee that our investment is safe and that no circumstance can take away the result of our effort. 

What will you find here?

Insurance Companies.
Analyze the options
How to file a claim?
Where did Insurance Adjusters come from?
Types of Adjusters
Insurance Adjuster
Independent Insurance Adjuster.
Public Adjuster.
Let Us Claim Consultant Insurance inc.
Benefits of Hiring an public adjuster Let Us Claim.
Certified Public Adjuster.

Insurance Companies

Analyze the options

Sometimes when people hire an insurance company, they focus their attention only on the cost of the policy. In addition, they forget that in order to make a good purchase decision, it is necessary to analyze the benefits of the policy. 

Some people do not know the real coverage of their insurance policy or do not know what an insurance policy is. It is necessary to get informed and analyze the options in order to buy the policy that best covers your needs. 

How to file a claim?

Most people will do so out of desperation and frustration when filing a claim, then they will accept whatever money insurance offers to repair the damage. 

A few policyholders are not experts in insurance claims and when they file their claim, inexperience works against them. This gives the insurance company an advantage when analyzing damages and estimating a compensation cost.  

Sometimes people must repair damage on their own. Hiring outside parties and paying with their own money for damage to their home or business.  

Where did Insurance Adjusters come from? 

Considering the benefits and weaknesses that the insurance industry faces daily, it is necessary that a professional oversees making an accurate damage assessment.  

This professional has the necessary knowledge to know the characteristics of:   

-Analyzing damages.   

– Calculate the probability of their increase.   

– Verify their origin.   

– Analyze the impact they may have in the long term within a property.   

This is how the Adjusters opened their field within the insurance industry. Preparing themselves to be state licensed and accredited to advance the insurance policy claim process.   

After being licensed, these professionals have the option to choose their place in the industry and their field of action. Currently, there are three types of them.   

Free Inspection

Types of Adjusters


1- Insurance Adjuster.

These professionals apply their expertise in the evaluation and calculation of claim settlement estimates. In this case, their part in the decision making is in favor of the insurer.  

They analyze the damage to your property. They will check if the damage is covered and even if there may have been negligence on the part of the customer. The objective is that the insurance pays the minimum possible value, avoiding legal problems. Safeguarding the financial interests of the insurance company. 

Insurance Adjusters normally work under contract with a specific insurer. 


2- Independent Insurance Adjuster.

They are independently licensed adjusters. However, like those mentioned above, they are in the service of insurance companies. 

Unlike Insurance Adjusters, Independent Adjusters do not work for a single company. They work for the company that pays their fees for specific cases or specific seasons.  

3- Public Adjuster.

The purpose of these adjusters is to work on behalf of the client. In addition, supporting and representing their rights to undertake a negotiation for the fair claim settlement.  

The function of these adjusters is to represent the policyholder during the entire claim process. Their mission is to ensure that the payment is completely fair and covers the full cost of repairs.   

Their objective is to advise clients on the best way to get the most out of the policy they have purchased and not be forced to incur additional expenses for a claim that should be covered by the insurance.   

On several occasions, some adjusters decide to join forces and form companies to serve all policyholders.  

Public Adjuster

Let Us Claim Consultant Insurance inc.

was formalized as a firm of Public Adjusters serving Residential and/or Commercial policyholders.   

Each one of our Public Adjusters has the necessary experience to support policyholders when filing a claim. They will guide them through all the necessary processes to receive fair treatment from their insurance company.   

During our years of experience in the industry we have handled thousands of claims. We have observed how some insurance companies do everything possible to get rid of their responsibilities when covering damage to properties.  

We know that the process of filing a claim is complicated and some policyholders prefer not to file a claim and assume the costs of repairing the damage themselves.  Sometimes they will accept any unfair amount of money the insurance company offers, even if it is insufficient to repair the damage. 

Benefits of hiring a public adjuster Let Us Claim.

We guide homeowners and business owners through the claim process. We make available all our experience in advising and keeping our clients informed. Our goal is to get you the results you deserve when dealing with your insurance company.   

At Let Us Claim Consultant Insurance Inc. we recognize the importance of our clients; we know the effort behind having assets and wanting to protect them through an insurance policy.   

We understand that policyholders have the right to be protected. The money they invested to have coverage for damage that may occur to their property should be for that purpose.   

When a person makes the effort to purchase an insurance policy, they should always have the peace of mind of being able to use it without fear that their claim will be denied. It may be that the payment for your compensation is unfair or that the value of the premiums increases.   

As a solution to this situation, we put a whole team of experts ready to fight with all their knowledge to protect each policyholder.   

Certified Public Adjuster.

At Let Us Claim Consultant Insurance Inc. our team of Public Adjusters have the necessary credentials to practice this profession in the state of Florida.   

We want to help the policy holder as best as possible.   

We study each case in detail.  

We perform detailed inspections and make an estimate that actually covers the full repair value of the damage. We know that our clients deserve the best and we do not rest until we achieve the best for each one of them.   

Our motto is “We don’t settle for less” and every day we put all our effort to fulfill it.   

If you need to make a claim process for damages to your property, do not hesitate to contact us.   

Call us at (407)610-2333 

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How are Public Adjusters paid?

How are Public Adjusters paid?

Under this arrangement, the public adjuster’s compensation is contingent upon successfully recovering funds for the policyholder.


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