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– Restore peace of mind after a home or business break-in.
– Theft and burglary is a stressful situation. We have the experience in helping you and your love ones through this situation.
– Our property insurance claims professionals are here to help settle your claim quickly and get your life back on track

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Are you a victim of vandalism and theft?

We understand that vandalism and theft occur even when you have security measures in place. It can be very frightening to arrive at the scene of theft or vandalism. The situation might have arisen from someone you know or from thieves looking to take advantage of a random property. Let Us Claim Public Adjusters have dealt with a series of theft and vandalism insurance claims over the years. We proudly service families and property owners and work to get you the best settlement possible for your loss and damage.

Crime and Destruction

Theft is the act of corruption and stealing. Vandalism is an action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to your public or private property. It is essential to keep calm and move forward with a public adjuster by your side. Receive the compensation that you deserve.


Are You a Victim of Theft or Vandalism?

✔ Get to a safe place and call law enforcement right away

✔ File a police report

✔ Gather a detailed police report listing all damage done and all items stolen

✔ Your report will be an integral part of your claim documentation

Let Us Claim Public Adjusters are experts at filing vandalism and theft insurance claims. We want you to be fairly compensated and to have the settlement that you deserve. Assigning a value to stolen goods and property damage can be complicated. Be sure to complete all of the required forms so that you can get back on track. Let Us Claim can help you file the necessary documents while managing your entire insurance claim process when you require help.

With Let Us Claim on your side, you can feel safe and secure again. Your documents are in the right hands, and your loss estimates will be accurate and substantiated. You will be professionally represented in all settlement claims with your insurer. Having a professional by your side will ensure that your losses and damage are returned to their initial state.

Tips to Avoid Theft and Vandalism

✔ Look into installing a security system
✔ Change all locks to your residence
✔ Install outside security cameras
✔ Join your neighborhood watch
✔ Hire a security guard
✔ Put systems in place to monitor your inventory
✔ If you are experiencing frequent break-ins, request police support


A burglary or property invasion results in difficult and stressful situations. No matter what type of damage has been done, what was taken or destroyed: theft and vandalism can be a traumatic event.

Remember to try and stay calm so that you can accurately complete your police report with law enforcement officers, and move forward. Get in Touch with a Florida public adjuster today, and get your security back. Here at Let Us Claim we are on call and ready to help. Get some peace of mind, and know that you will be compensated.