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Manage sinkhole damages to your property

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Sinkholes are scary, and often the early warning
signs are overlooked.

What seems like a small crack in the flooring or stairs can quickly become a huge sinkhole that seriously damages your home!

When disaster strikes, you need someone that you can trust to step in and help. That’s why Let Us Claim is here to make sure you get fairly compensated for the damages to your home. We work with you to make sure your claim is properly handled and that you’re given a settlement that lets you get your home back in good working order.

Let Us Claim, Takes Away The Stress of Sinkhole Damage

Insurance claims for sinkhole damage have a reputation for being the most difficult claims to file and settle. The good news is, at Let Us Claim we have plenty of experience in this technical process and know what to help you look for throughout the process.

Our team leads the investigation and tackles complex issues that arise with your property insurance claim. We help you file for a claim and tackle all the obstacles as they arise. No matter what you need, we know how to help.

Let us take the stress out of any tough situation.

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We Handle Any Sinkhole

Sinkholes cause than just one type of damage, and we’re fully prepared and equipped to help you handle all of them. Nothing is too big or too tricky for Let Us Claim to help guide you through.

Sinkhole Loss

With sinkholes, some insurance claims include additional coverage for goods and property damaged by the sinkhole collapse and not just the ground cover damage itself. In these cases, some common items that our team will help you fight for include:

  • Displacement of floors inside your home or building
  • Displacement of the foundation of the building
  • Leaning or buckling of the walls of the building
  • Building or structural collapse

Figuring out which of these items are covered and how they qualify gets complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. With Let Us Claim we take care of the difficult and confusing aspects of the claim while you are able to relax and recover.


Ground Cover Collapse

Catastrophic ground cover collapse is a major part of sinkhole damage and can leave you and your family feeling at a loss. What happens with catastrophic ground cover collapse is:

  1. The ground cover suddenly collapses and falls down
  2. A hole or indentation is clearly seen on the ground
  3. Buildings or foundations located on the ground are damaged

All of these aspects of ground cover collapse make it a scary and complex problem. We’re ready to help you tackle ground cover collapse claims so that you receive a fair settlement.


At Let Us Claim, your claim is our number one priority. We work with you to ensure that you’re in the loop and informed on every part of your claim. We never leave you hanging and we strive to walk you through the process thoroughly and efficiently. On top of that, we get you the best settlement possible!

Are you Ready to get started taking care of damages to your home and restoring your life? Give Let Us Claim a call today to get to work.