Wind-Whipped Snowstorm Tracking From Midwest to the Interior Northeast

Published in 4 February, 2021

At a Glance

  • A snowstorm will track from the Midwest to the interior Northeast through Friday.

  • Strong winds will accompany this system in the Midwest.

A wind-whipped snowstorm will track across the nation’s northern tier to end the week, and it could bring blizzard conditions to portions of the Midwest.

This weather system has been named Winter Storm Peggy by The Weather Channel.

An intensifying low-pressure system will spread snowfall from the upper Midwest and Great Lakes on Thursday and Thursday night to the interior Northeast on Friday. Parts of the Midwest will see the greatest impact from this storm since the snow will be accompanied by strong winds.

Current Radar

The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning for this system in parts of northern and central Iowa for Thursday into early Friday. Winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories are posted elsewhere in the Midwest from eastern Nebraska to Wisconsin and Michigan.

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Winter Weather Alerts

(From the National Weather Service)

On Thursday and Thursday night, snow accompanied by strong winds will impact parts of Minnesota, Iowa, eastern Nebraska, Wisconsin, northern Illinois, Michigan, northern Indiana and northwest Ohio. In some areas, the precipitation could start as rain or a wintry mix before changing to snow, as depicted in purple below.

Travel will be impacted across all of these areas, especially where there is blowing snow from stronger winds, including in the Chicago and Milwaukee metro areas later today and tonight.

Blizzard are possible at times in open areas, especially in locations where blizzard warnings have been issued.


This system will bring snow to areas from the higher terrain of the central Appalachians northward into upstate New York and northern New England on Friday. Mostly rain is expected closer to the coast, although some areas might begin with a period of snowfall from northern New Jersey into southern New England.

Snowfall will linger over Michigan, especially where lake-enhanced snow occurs in western and northern Michigan.

Gusty winds will also howl through the Great Lakes and into the interior Northeast.

Heavy lake-effect snow will develop to the east of lakes Erie and Ontario late Friday through Saturday, including the Buffalo metro area.

Friday’s Forecast

Snowfall totals in the Midwest and interior Northeast will be modest in most areas along the path of this system.

The highest totals, possibly 5 inches or more, may blanket parts of northeast Iowa, northwest Illinois, Wisconsin and western and northern Michigan. Some of the lake-effect snowbelts of Upper Michigan and western Lower Michigan could locally pick up a foot of snow through late Friday.

Much lighter snowfall totals are expected in the interior Northeast on Friday.

Snowfall Forecast

Even areas a bit farther south in the Ohio and mid-Mississippi Valleys that pick up primarily rain from this system may have slick roads by Friday morning.

This is because much colder air pouring in behind the cold front may turn any lingering wet roads to patches of ice, particularly on untreated roads, bridges and overpasses in what meteorologists call a flash freeze.

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