What to do when water damage occurs in the home?

Published in 16 March, 2022

The first thing to keep in mind when your business or home has water damage is to locate the leak or water intrusion. There are flood control kits that you can apply to the affected area.  This way you will avoid exposing other appliances that are threatened by water.


In this article we’ll explain in depth how to deal with water damage that may occur in your office or home. It’s very important that you assess the risks before making your claim. Without further ado, let’s proceed!


Preventing water damage in the home or business


  1. Perform a risk assessment of water damage: An engineer specializing in this area should make an inspection of your appliances that use water. This includes those inside bathrooms and kitchens. The inspector will detect moisture levels, damaged pipes and hoses.

The best thing you can do to prevent water damage is to install a water leak detection and shut-off system. This can help detect a water leak early enough to mitigate the damage in time.

  1. Have a plan in case water damage occurs in your home: In addition to having an expert insurance risk engineer, it’s also important that all members of the home or business are trained and know how to act in the event of this type of unforeseen event.
  2. Have flood control kits: As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it’s important that this is like the “rescue” in the event of a water damage.

These kits have a high volume liquid vacuum cleaner, a one-meter hose for use with the above device, industrial brooms with high absorbent power, wide squeegee and bags filled with sand. Having these at home or in the office is ideal for mitigating water damage that comes without warning.

  1. Hidraulic Gates: They are the best option in the office and also in the home. This guarantees that water does not enter the structure, you can put them on the entrance doors, windows and exterior steps that have an interior level.


Last but not least, it is important that you check your insurance and that it covers this type of events in your home or business, so it is important that you get good advice before making a water damage claim.


How long do you have to file a claim for water damage to your home or business?


The claim can be made within 72 business hours after the incident occurred. In other words, you have three days to file your water claim. That’s why our public adjusters at Let Us Claim will guide you through this process to make it easier for you to get your claim approved by the company of your choice.

Unforeseen water damage events can occur at any time. The important thing is that you have prior knowledge about the area where the damage originated. At the same time, you should take the necessary precautions to act safely in the area affected by the water.


What water damage is covered by the insurance?


The first thing to keep in mind is that the insurance covers the following damages caused by water:

-An accidental and unforeseen spillage as a consequence of forgetting to turn off taps, a break, overflow or clogging of pipes, fixed tanks or cold or hot water distribution pipes inside the building.

-Damage resulting from water seepage or leaks through roofs, ceilings, walls and/or walls when such seepage is not due to the lack of repair of the building.

-Damage caused by frost in the hot or cold water distribution pipes, tanks, taps, meters, stopcocks, radiators, etc. If they are inside the dwelling, 100% of the expenses incurred for the work to locate the damage are covered, all this will depend on the insurance company contracted to make the claim for the damage caused by water.


Limitations of water damage coverage in home or business insurance.


Water damage coverage can have many nuances, so it is important to review it thoroughly. For example, there are cases in which, if no damage is caused by a burst pipe (which is quite difficult, but not impossible), the insurance does not cover anything.

It should also be taken into account that this coverage has a limitation in terms of maximum amount per loss. Another aspect to be taken into account is that related to pipes in bad condition or damage caused by freezing, which are probably also covered.

In relation to the above, we stress the importance of checking that the home insurance also includes, in addition to water damage coverage, aesthetic damage and pipe repair.

As for damages caused by rainwater, such as leaks and filtrations, we already mentioned in the previous point that they are not always covered. And, if they are, specific conditions must be met.

In this sense, insurance companies only cover water damage caused by rain, hail, hail or snow.

In the case of rain, it’s common to establish as a condition a minimum volume per square meter, with wind speeds higher than specified in each case, and with an accreditation to be requested from the National Meteorological Institute.

Water damage can have many causes, from burst pipes to leaks and flooding. No matter what the cause of the problem, Let Us Claim will take care of the issue so you can relax.

We will analyze your insurance contract and look for exceptions and hidden coverages.

We will guide you through confusing policy wording and explain the coverage so you fully understand it.

We’ll help you mitigate the damage and reinstate the property so your life can return to normal.


Our Agents will give you advice.

We cover all of Florida!

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