New Year’s Storm to Bring Snow and Ice to Plains, Midwest and Interior Northeast

Published in 30 December, 2020

At a Glance

  • A low-pressure system will track from Texas to the Great Lakes through New Year’s Day.

  • This storm will spread a wintry mess of snow and ice across parts of the Plains, Midwest and interior Northeast.

  • The snow and ice could contribute to travel problems in some areas.

A New Year’s storm will bring snow and ice to portions of the Plains, Midwest and interior Northeast, where it’s likely to hamper travel in multiple states.

An early-week system, named Winter Storm Ivy by The Weather Channel, is winding down with snowfall in the Great Lakes this morning.

Current Radar

We are now turning our attention to the next developing widespread wintry mess. This system will bring snow and/or ice to multiple states from the Plains and Midwest to the interior Northeast late Wednesday through Friday. It will also bring heavy rain and severe thunderstorms to parts of the South.

(MORE: Heavy Rain, Severe Storms Threat South This Week)

Here’s a look at the forecast timing and how much snow and ice to expect.

Forecast Timing

Snowfall will develop in parts of southwest Texas by late Wednesday, but the bulk of this storm’s impact will be New Year’s Eve and Day.

Thursday (New Year’s Eve)

During the daytime on New Year’s Eve, snow or a wintry mix is expected in portions of western Texas, possibly including Midland and San Angelo.

The northern fringe of this storm’s precipitation could also produce some wintry weather from parts of Oklahoma into the Ozarks and Ohio Valley

Thursday’s Forecast

The wintry mess of snow and ice will expand greatly by Thursday night.

Sleet and freezing rain could spread northward from the mid-Mississippi and Ohio valleys toward the southern Great Lakes.

Snow and a wintry mix will also spread northward in the Plains from western Texas into western and central Oklahoma, central and eastern Kansas and northern Missouri.

Thursday Night’s Forecast

Friday (New Year’s Day)

New Year’s Day should have an expansive area of wintry weather stretching from the Central Plains to the Great Lakes and interior Northeast.

Snowfall might affect areas from eastern Kansas and northern Missouri into parts of Iowa, Wisconsin and northern lower Michigan.

Freezing rain and sleet could impact travel from the southern Great Lakes to the interior Northeast. Some of these areas could eventually change to rain.

Friday’s Forecast

This storm should wind down on Saturday, but snowfall might linger in northern New England.

How Much Snow and Ice?

Light to moderate snowfall accumulations from this system will be most likely in a narrow strip from southwest Texas into parts of the Central Plains and upper Midwest, as depicted in the map below. This could include San Angelo, Texas, Wichita, Kansas, Kansas City and Milwaukee.

Snowfall Forecast

( )

Freezing rain from this storm could accumulate on tree branches, power lines and other surfaces from parts of the Central and Southern Plains and Midwest to the interior Northeast through New Year’s Day. Some locations will eventually see that precipitation change to rain or drizzle.

Ice accumulations could at least slicken untreated roads for a time from eastern Kansas and Missouri into portions of the southern Great Lakes and interior parts of Pennsylvania and New York. There could be some pockets with greater ice accumulations capable of triggering sporadic power outages, but it’s too early to know where that potential threat might be highest.


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