How can a public adjuster like Luis Claudio help?

We have 13 years of experience as a Public Adjuster. We guide home and business owners through the claim process to get the results they deserve when it comes to dealing with their insurance company.

If you have any damages on your residential or commercial property and need to file a claim with your insurance company, call us and we will fight until you receive a fair claim settlement.

 We work for you

Our team is always at your service, working hard to defend your rights against insurance companies.

If your claim was rejected or underpaid, we can reopen your case.

We analyze thoroughly your insurance policy in order to verify your coverage, deductibles and exclusions.

Our mission is to have the payment of your claim cover the entire restoration of the damages to your property.

You may receive a consultation on your insurance policy and a free inspection to your residential or commercial property, no strings attached.


Free inspection without obligation.

Certified Public Adjuster

Luis Claudio

Licensed No. W541409

Let Us Claim Consultants Insurance Inc., Public Adjuster, Orlando, FL
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule my free inspection?

* Contact Let Us Claim Consultants Insurance Inc. in one of the following ways:
– Visit our website at: https://letusclaim.com/
– Call us at 407-610-2333.
– Message us on any of our Let Us Claim social networks.
– Send us an email at: infoluc@letusclaim.com.
* This will help ensure that one of our consultants agents contact you to help schedule your Free inspection.
* At the time of your free inspection, it’s important to have your insurance policy at hand and all necessary documents. It’s important to note that you must have your mortgage up to date.

Who can make a claim?

Only a policy holder may make a claim.

Do I have to pay for any inspections?

All inspections done by Let Us Claim are completely free.

Is it necessary to have a insurance policy to make a claim?

Yes. It is necessary due to the fact that it’s the insurance company who is responsible for the compensation for all damages.

Do I have to be present in order to make a claim?
Yes. It is necessary for the policy holder to be present during the claim process. The policy holder is the only person allowed to make decisions and sign the corresponding documentation.

We cover all of Florida!

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