Historically Powerful Typhoon Goni Kills 16, Destroys Thousands of Homes in Philippines

Published in 2 November, 2020

At a Glance

  • Typhoon Goni was the strongest landfalling typhoon on record.

  • Thousands of homes were washed away by a storm surge.

  • Mudflows and boulders destroyed other homes.

The full extent of the destruction left behind in the Philippines by Typhoon Goni became clearer Monday when rescuers were finally able to reach areas cut off by the storm.

Goni made landfall in the province of Catanduanes early Sunday as the strongest landfalling typhoon on record.

At least 16 people were killed in Catanduanes and nearby Albay province, according to The Associated Press, citing the Office of Civil Defense. Three people are still missing.

As many as 390,000 people were displaced by the typhoon, which knocked out power to 125 cities and towns, the Washington Post reported.

The powerful storm, known as Rolly in the Philippines, swept away about 13,000 shanties and houses in Catanduanes with its 16-foot storm surge, AP reported.

The Philippines Red Cross told the BBC 80 to 90% of the buildings in the Catanduanes town of Virac were damaged by the storm.

An army general said soldiers were camping at the airport after their camp was destroyed in the typhoon, AP reported. He asked the government to send more troops to help distribute food and water to residents.

Goni’s torrential rains unleashed mudflows and huge boulders from the sides of the Mayon Volcano in Albay. About 150 houses in the town of Guinobatan were engulfed by the debris, AP reported.

Goni weakened to a tropical storm as it moved into the South China Sea late Sunday. It is expected to reach Vietnam on Thursday.

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