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What is a public adjuster?

Is a professional, licensed by the state of Florida department of insurance in which he or she works, for the purpose of protecting the public by serving as an advocate for the policyholder against his/her own insurance company during the claims process.

About Us

Let Us Claim Consultants Insurance Inc. has been providing Home & Business Owners with a peace of mind for more than 13 years. Our mission is to advise and assist commercial and residential insurance policyholders through the overwhelming task of submitting an insurance claim to their insurance company.

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Let Us Claim Consultants Insurance Inc allows you to focus completely on your business or home, while we focus on your insurance claim.
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Here at Let Us Claim, we know that not every roof is the same. Damage could mean missing or broken shingles, gouge marks left from debris impacts, buffeted roof membrane, or missing roof trusses.


Roof Leaks

Roof leaks don’t just mean that you need to put pots and pans around the home to catch the drips; they lead to plenty of other problems in the rest of your home as well.



Here at Let Us Claim, our focus is on you; we want to help you get the best compensation and the care and we´re standing by to make that happen.



You have to put out the real fire, and all the stress and hassle of the aftermath! Fires can happen from the smallest start and can lead to major damage on your house.



Our team of public adjusters Knows all the ins and outs of water damage, and we can´t wait to help.



Insurance claims for sinkhole damage have a reputation for being the most difficult claims to file and settle.



We understand that vandalism and theft occur even when you have security measures in place. It can be very frightening to arrive at the scene of theft or vandalism.



Floods and storms are typically sudden and out of the blue; you never know how bad the damage will be because each storm or flood is different.



Hurricanes are scary events that can leave you and your family traumatized. Even worse, they can leave your home with serious damage.




Let Us Claim is a licensed public insurance claims adjuster with more than 13 years of expertise serving clients throughout Florida in matters related to fire; wind, hurricane, tornado, water, flooding, lightning, hail, vandalism; and other unpredictable calamities. Below are real testimonials from real clients who Let Us Claim has successfully helped with their insurance claims.

Frequent questions

How do I schedule my free inspection?

* Contact Let Us Claim Consultants Insurance Inc. in one of the following ways:
– Visit our website at: https://letusclaim.com/
– Call us at 407-610-2333.
– Message us on any of our Let Us Claim social networks.
– Send us an email at: infoluc@letusclaim.com.
* This will help ensure that one of our consultants agents contact you to help schedule your free inspection.
* At the time of your free inspection it’s important to have your insurance policy at hand and all necessary documents. It’s important to note that you must have your mortgage up to date.

Do I have to pay for any inspections?

All inspections done by Let Us Claim are completely free.

Who can make a claim?

Only a policy holder may make a claim.

Can I make a claim for loss due to electrical failures or a fire?

Yes, during your free inspection the types of damages and the type of coverage you have on your policy will be evaluated and explained. All this information is important in order to initiate the claim process.

If I have water damage, how long do I have to make a claim?

You have 14 days after the date of loss or damage to make a claim.

If I have damages on my roof due to a natural disaster, do I have to pay for roof tarp installation or mitigation service?

No, these services must be covered by your insurance company at the time of the compensation.

If I currently have an open claim, am I able to open another claim?

Yes, it’s important to note that the new claim cannot be for the same damage as the previous one or be directly related.

How long do I have after a hurricane to open a claim?

You have 3 years after the date of loss to make a claim.

Is it necessary to have a insurance policy to make a claim?

Yes. It is necessary due to the fact that it’s the insurance company who is responsible for the compensation for all damages.

Do I have to be present in order to make a claim?
Yes. It is necessary for the policy holder to be present during the claim process. The policy holder is the only person allowed to make decisions and sign the corresponding documentation.
If I have a home mortgage, am I still able to make a claim?
Yes. It’s important to note the following:
– The home owner and/or Let Us Claim will inform the bank that it will start a claim process
(while the house is still in mortgage, the bank is the owner of the home. This means the bank appears as the owner of the property in all documentation )
– The mortgage payments must be up to date to avoid inconveniences or delays when receiving compensation.
Who will negotiate with the insurance company during a claim process?

Once you read, understand and sign the Let Us Claim contract; we Let Us Claim become your representatives. This means Let Us Claim are the only ones authorized to make contact with the insurance company. We will be present at the time of any inspections that should be requested by your insurance company.

In the situation of having two signers and one of the owners has passed away, can a claim be filed ?

It is important for you to inform your Let Us Claim public adjuster and insurance company. Make sure to send death certificate and any to all documentation promptly for verification of such situation.

Do I have to pay anything to Let Us Claim consultants Insurance inc. upfront or at any point, in order to begin the claim process?

At no point do you have to pay anything to Let Us Claim consultants insurance inc.

Let Us Claim will deduct their corresponding percentage once settlement has been completed and closed.

Will I require the service of an attorney (Lawyer)? Will I have to cover the attorneys fees once I hire their service?

Depending on the situation after Let Us Claim has done all they can to settle with your insurance company. Then, and only then, will Let Us Claim suggest the option of an attorney (lawyer).

No, your insurance company should take full responsibility of your attorney’s fees.

Do you have any questions?

A whole team at your disposal.

Let Us Claim Consultants Insurance Inc. has been providing Home & Business Owners with a peace of mind for more than 13 years.


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