Weekend East Coast Storm May Bring Rain, Wind and Snow to Northeast, Appalachians and Ohio Valley

Published in 2 December, 2020

At a Glance

  • Another storm system could develop in the East this weekend.

  • First it will blanket parts of Kansas and Oklahoma with snow Wednesday.

  • This storm could bring more rain, wind and snow to the Northeast, Ohio Valley and Appalachians.

Another East Coast storm may develop by this weekend, potentially bringing more rain, wind and snow to parts of the Northeast, Ohio Valley and Appalachians just hit by a storm system early this week.

Similar to the storm affecting the East earlier this week, named Winter Storm Dane by The Weather Channel, this potential weekend Eastern storm depends on whether energy from two jet streams can team up.

Namely, a large area of low pressure aloft spinning over the central Plains is expected to eventually be pulled eastward.

If that Plains upper low can remain fairly intact as it tracks east and can team up with disturbances in the northern branch of the jet stream, a strong area of low pressure could again form in the East this weekend.

For now, that’s the scenario the majority of computer forecast models are suggesting.

storm Bringing 1

But that’s not guaranteed to happen. There are also typical uncertainties with the intensity, timing and track of the Eastern low-pressure system and how much cold air will be available.

For now, we’ll lay out our best outlook, but check back frequently for updates over the next few days as the forecast becomes clearer.

First, Plains Snow

That Plains upper low will first generate a blanket of wet snow over parts of the Plains Wednesday and Wednesday night.

The biggest snow totals – over 6 inches in spots – are expected in parts of northwestern Oklahoma and southwest Kansas.

Rain changing to snow could bring some lighter accumulations to both the Wichita, Kansas, and Oklahoma City metro areas. This may lead to slick roads – especially bridges and overpasses – Wednesday night and early Thursday.

storm Bringing 2

Friday’s Outlook

Rain and a few thunderstorms are possible in the Southeast Friday.

Some precipitation should also spread into parts of the Northeast and Ohio Valley. Where some cold enough air is in place along the northern fringe, that precipitation may fall as snow, as shown in the forecast map below.

storm Bringing 3

Saturday’s Outlook

By Saturday, the majority of computer models suggest low pressure will have developed somewhere near the East Coast.

As mentioned earlier, the exact track and intensity of the low will be crucial for determining any impacts. That includes where the rain-snow line will set up and the strength of any gusty winds this system might produce.

For now, the best chance of snow Saturday stretches from parts of the upper Ohio Valley and eastern Great Lakes to the Appalachians and interior Northeast.

Closer to the Interstate 95 Northeast urban corridor, precipitation may fall mostly as rain Saturday and Saturday night.

(MORE: Northeast Urban Corridor ‘High-Impact Snowstorm’ Drought Enters Third Winter)

winter storm 2

Sunday’s Outlook

By Sunday morning, most computer models suggest low pressure will be spinning somewhere near or over New England.

Assuming that happens, the best chance of accumulating snow Sunday and Sunday night is over the interior Northeast, mainly north and west of Interstate 95.

winter storm 2

Again, it’s too soon to hone in on precise snow – and rain – total forecasts in the Northeast. Check back for updates in the coming days.

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