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Water damage claims are the most common type of claim filed by homeowners and business owners, and as you can imagine, they can be very complicated.
The water can come from a busted pipe, a swimming pool leak, a leaky roof, an overflowing toilet or sink or a natural disaster. Water seeks the lowest level; it can go into wall cavities, underneath and behind cabinets, and underneath flooring where it is difficult to see,  it can also “wick” up into furniture, drywall, framing, insulation, and electrical systems. Water damage can devastate a property and its contents.
If you have ever returned home to be greeted by water rushing under your door, you very quickly came to appreciate the enormously destructive power of something as simple as a toilet overflow, broken dishwasher hose or burst pipe.
After a water damage, property owners often face enormous repair bills and obstacles that can lead to an even larger loss.  You don’t have to face your insurance company alone, LET US CLAIM assist you in recovering the largest available settlement with the least amount of hassle.