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Theft loss, burglary and Vandalism damage are crimes of opportunity

After a theft or vandalism your filled with confusion. Most people do not realize they have insurance for this type of event. Typically, many theft and vandalism insurance claims are settled for far less money than the homeowner or business owner is entitled to.

Thefts and vandalism claims are often substantiated and supported by official police reports documenting the actual event. Be sure to file and obtain an official police report should suffer a theft loss or vandalism damage. Remember, it’s important that everything that was stolen is listed in the police report.

It is extremely important to have all items cataloged in your home. Many people worry that they won’t discover everything that was taken in the beginning.

The public adjusters at LET US CLAIM  have years of experience in helping. They can walk you through the process, and eliminate the stress that comes from dealing with insurance companies. Don’t let a thief or vandal ruin your home or business life. Call LET US CLAIM we will help you get your life back together.